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∗Especially relevant, these are not my fans. Consequently, this electric fan slideshow is inspiring. As a result, it makes many people want to collect and restore these beautiful old fans! Hence, there are many hours in restoring electric fans. In addition, there are wire replacements, missing parts, and cleaning and polishing. Therefore, restoring electric fans takes passion, commitment and lots of time! Hence, restoring electric fans is not for everyone.

Consequently, there are many aspects that attract collectors of electric fans. As a result, some people like the architecture. In addition, some people appreciate the mechanics. Furthermore, people like the fact that a 100 year old appliance still work. Especially relevant, these appliances are built to last. Finally, product obsolescence is not thought of back in the day.

Most noteworthy, this fan slideshow represents some of the most interesting electric fans of the time period. As a result, this fan slideshow features several fans with unusual oscillators. In addition, some of these electric fans have short lives, as they are too technical and unreliable for the period.

Most notable, one of the most unusual fans is the fan runs from the hot air of a burner. As a result, this fan was obviously not well thought out. Consequently, the heat from this fan outweighs the benefits. Therefore, the hot air fan life is short. Consequently, there are few survivors.

Especially relevant, here is a list of companies who make electric fans, click HERE!

In conclusion, I hope you have as much fun collecting fans as I do. Hence, half of the fun is the stories you add along the way.  Consequently, you should contact AFCA if you find electric fans that are not on this list. As a result, this will help the whole fan collecting community!

Therefore, I hope you enjoy the fan slideshow!
General Electric Industrial Electric Fan
General Electric Industrial Electric Fan

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